2014. június 25., szerda

Edzéstipp otthonra: Jump Rope Workout for Intermediates (ugrókötél)

Jump Rope Workout Breakdown
1. High knees with jump rope 9 reps followed by 1 egg (cross your arms in front of you and jump over the rope) x 10 sets
2. Bodyweight Rock bottom squat x 30 reps
3. High Knees with Jump rope 10 reps followed by 2 eggs x 10 sets
4. Bodyweight stationary lunge - 20 reps on each leg
5. High Knees with Jump Rope 10 reps followed by 2 eggs followed by 10 jumps with your feet together followed by 2 eggs x 5 sets
Repeat #2 - 5#


This is going to be a series, so get started and I will give you some other fun things to learn and work on the next time. Just don't let yourself get discouraged after you try it for the first time. Nobody is good at jump roping right of the bet. You have to remember that it's going to be the same process like when you were first learning to ride a bicycle. Actually learning to jump rope is going to be easier and faster process, then you think. I can see a huge progress on the girls that are doing the 30 day fitness program with me and some of them couldn't jump rope at all when they first showed up. The bottom line is that the more you practice, the faster you'll progress. If you don't have a jump rope yet, you can get the same Z-Rope that I use in my store, or just get a speed rope in a regular store with sporting goods. (forrás)

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