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Les Mills Pump
Day 18
Insanity/Max Interval Circuit

"Max Interval Circuit Workout Exercises

Warm Up (3 Rounds)

For the warm up, you do three rounds of each exercise. During the first round, you should be doing the moves at a low to moderate intensity just like the crew. During the second and third rounds, you will want to pick it up so that by the end of the third round, you are pretty tired and winded. The reason for such an intense warm up is to get your body ready for the stretching. For the warm up moves, make sure you are landing softly and never holding your breath. It may help you to be aware of the fact that each move is approximately 30 seconds before you move onto the next one.
  • Jog – You keep the core tight and start out by doing a light jog in place.
  • Jumping Jacks (Arms Up) – These are called “straight arm jacks” and you basically do jumping jacks but instead of doing normal jumping jacks, your arms go straight up as your legs go out.
  • 1-2-3 (123) – For the 1-2-3, you do three quick steps to the right, then lift your opposite knee like you would for a Heisman, then three quick steps to the left and do a Heisman with your other knee raised.
  • Jump Rope (Side to Side) – You then go into “Jump Rope S-S” or side to side. You keep your feet together and jump right and left while moving your arms to the opposite side of your feet. You do not twist your hips at all for these.
  • Arms Out High Knees – The goal of these are to get your knees above your hips while holding your arms out to the side. You need to maintain control of your arms and make sure that you are engaging the core to lift your knees up. Also, you do not want to lean back to lift up your knees, make sure you are keeping your back straight and are lifting with your core.
  • Switch Kicks – For the switch kicks, you kick with one foot, then hop down and kick with the other. You continue to alternate kicks and you should try to kick higher than your waist each time. Know your personal range though because you don’t want to pull a muscle in your leg by trying to be a badass with the kicks during the warm up. Make sure you keep your elbows in by your side so that you are engaging your obliques.
  • Hit the Floor – For the “hit the floor” you turn your body sideways and touch the ground in between your feet. You then do a hop, turning your body to the other side and touch the ground with your other hand. When you are jumping to switch sides, your arms come straight up overhead. You want to really warm up your quads here while keeping your back flat and core tight on each time you hit the floor.
  • Side to Side Floor Hops – For these, you put your hands on the floor in front of your shoulders, and you kick your feet up so that you hop “side to side.” In the middle of each hop, your feet should be coming up to your butt before they touch the ground on the other side. You need to use arm strength and your core for this one. It gets pretty wicked by the time you are in the final round.
Water Break – Shaun T gives you some time to hydrate after sweating your ass off in the warm up. I always make sure that I have plenty of water around because I know that I will sweat a lot of it out during the workout.


  • Inhale / Exhale – You get oxygen to your muscles by taking some deep breaths in and out. You will end up doing more of these later in the stretches as well.
  • Flat Back – Keeping your core tight and knees slightly bent, you extend out into a flat back.
  • Lunges – You lunge to the right and left side in order to stretch out your legs.
  • Hip Flexor Stretch – You keep one palm on the floor and the other on the knee while pushing your hips to the floor. You then do a couple different variations of this move by lifting one arm up in the air and the other next to your shoe. You switch sides so that you work both sides of your body in the stretch.
  • Deep Lunge – For the deep lunge, you drop down so that your butt is almost touching the floor and keep one leg fully extended so that you get a good groin stretch. Your hands should be extended straight out if possible. You will end up doing this on both sides of your body.
  • Open Hips – You sit back and open up your hips so that your forearms are opening up your hips.
  • Contract / Relax – For the contract / relax stretch, you put your hands on your knees and when you exhale, you round your back, and when you inhale, you contract your back.
  • Quad Stretch – You stand up and stretch out your quadriceps – one at a time by pulling your heel in to your butt while balancing on the other leg.
Water Break – You get a 30 second water break before the circuit. I always make sure I take advantage of this break because if I don’t I may regret it in the first round.

Round #1: Pedal Power Lunges, Ski Abs / Jacks / In & Out / Oblique, Power Strike, Frog Jumps

First Set

Pedal Power Lunges – You sprint in place and when Shaun yells “lunge” you do 4 lunges in place with your arms overhead. You need to be ready to go all out in this first round because you do a lot of these. I’m not quite sure if we went for a full minute here but it seemed pretty long even during the first round.
Ski Abs, Push Up Jacks, In & Out, Oblique Push Ups – You start out by doing 4 ski abs, then 4 push up jacks, 4 “in & outs,” and finally 4 oblique push ups. You should already know all of these exercises if you have finished your full 60 days like me. If you don’t, ski abs are hopping up to the side, back to high plank, then up to the other side, then back to high plank. Push up jacks involve you jumping out with your feet when you go down and then jumping back to center when you come up. The “In & Out” move is simply hoping up as far as possible and then back to high plank. And the oblique push ups involve one knee coming up to your elbow each time you go down for a push up (you alternate each rep).
Power Strike – For the power strike, you are basically punching down twice on each side. You need to punch with power so that you would knock someone out if you hit them. Shaun puts his hands out for Jimmy to punch and his hands hurt so he ends up leaving him…haha. Anyways after two punches with one arm, you switch and do two punches with the other arm – you continue to switch until the time is up.
Frog Jumps – I absolutely hate doing frog jumps in this routine, but they are one that you gotta dig deep and push through. For these you get your butt down and touch the ground before “jumping.” You jump once forward and then backwards and then you keep repeating. With each jump, your hands come up above your head… These should be a battle if you are jumping high and are going for maximum reps.
Water Break – You get another 30 second break and at this point if you were going all out, you will need the break. Hopefully you have plenty of water around so that you don’t run out before the workout ends. As Shaun T says, “This is NOT a coffee break people!”…ROFL.

Second Set

Pedal Power Lunges – You’re back to the pedal power lunges and this time you are feeling it because you already did a full round of exercises. This second round seems even more intense but watching the crew work hard made me want to keep up with them and I did.
Ski Abs, Push Up Jacks, In & Out, Oblique Push Ups – During the second round of these, your shoulders will be feeling it a lot more than the first round, but you need to get through these. I don’t know if you noticed, but Ashley is dogging it here.
Power Strike – You are back trying to knock out your target so get in it and push through. You are going to be more winded this round, but keep punching as hard as possible; like you are fighting for your life…haha.
Frog Jumps – Oh my god, these are fucking nasty during the second round, and in the back of your mind, you’re thinking “shit I got one more round of these,” but you still need to do a good job with these jumps.
Water Break – If you don’t need water at this point in the workout, you are an alien or you aren’t actually working out. Make sure you get water in your body but get ready to go. Hopefully you have a towel around too.

Third Set

Pedal Power Lunges – This is your final round of the pedal and they zoom in on Akeel (I think that’s his name). My goal was to stay with him and I definitely was going as fast as him, but they were definitely not easy. Actually I see that he took a break at the end, I did no such thing.
Ski Abs, Push Up Jacks, In & Out, Oblique Push Ups – The shoulder burn intensifies, but you need to dig deeper and make it through two sets of these before moving on to the next move.
Power Strike – Hopefully you hopped right up from the oblique push ups and were ready to strike someone. You probably won’t have as much energy in your punches at this point, but continue to push yourself to go hard.
Frog Jumps – I honestly think that for me, these were the toughest part of the whole workout. I was certainly not jumping as high or as far as I was in the first two rounds, but I was still pushing and I would not let myself give up. My brain was telling me to quit, but Shaun T was telling me to keep going and I listened to Shaun T…haha.
Football Runs (Cross Jacks) – This is the “bonus exercise” of the round and you basically spin around 360 degrees, clap your hands across your body, spin another 360 degrees, clap again, and then do 4 cross jacks. A cross jack involves one arm going up at a time and your legs crossing. I love doing them, but I was dying for a break.
Water Break – At this point, you are done with one-third of the workout. You need to be mentally prepared to get your ass kicked because the routine is far from over.

Round #2: Hook Jumps, High Knee Twist, High Low Jab with Squat, Floor Switch Kicks

First Set

Hook Jumps – You do 4 high hooks, 4 low hooks, then 4 tuck jumps with an invisible jump rope motion from your arms. These get your core working, your arms working, and keep your cardio sky high. For the low hooks, make sure you are getting down low and punching just as hard as you are for the high hooks.
High Knees with Twist – These are high knee obliques where you keep your elbows down, run in place, and twist so that your elbows are hovering over the high knee on each of the high knees. You should be running at a pretty good pace here, but make sure that your knees are coming above your waist each time they come up.
High Low Jab with Squat – For this move, you jump up and punch high, then do a squat down and punch low. This is a quick motion and you should be moving just as fast as Jeff in the DVD. They ask him if he can “hold out for the last 15 seconds” and he responds, “Hell yeah!” He looks pretty hilarious, but I gotta say that dude is working harder than anyone else in this entire workout so I’m glad he made a feature.
Floor Switch Kicks – For these, you put your hands behind your butt so that your fingers are facing forwards. You then do switch kicks while keeping your butt raised up off the floor. This first round you should be able to do a lot of them. The tip to remember for these is that your feet should never be on the ground at the same time – one foot should always be in the air. You hop in between kicks when you switch feet.
Water Break – Congrats, you finished the first set of the second round – there’s still plenty more workout left so get some water. During this break, Angelique tells you to “be strong, tighten your abs, and focus” which is perfect advice.

Second Set

Hook Jumps – The second set of these hook jumps continues to get tougher in comparison to the first round, but what did you expect. You still gotta punch hard and use good form and get good height on your tuck jumps though.
High Knees with Twist – This second round of high knee obliques are tough, but this is what separates the strong from the weak…haha. Seriously get your knees up and stay with the crew that they zoom-in on camera.
High Low Jab with Squat – Shaun T is smiling during this round of the high low jab with squat, and they are nasty. You will feel the burn in your legs, but do what you need to in order to survive this move. If you need to go slower, go slower, but try to avoid taking a break.
Floor Switch Kicks – Immediately after the high low jab with squats end, you go right into the floor switch kicks. They zoom in on Angelique during this round at the beginning and she is slacking, but Jeff is going all out. I was definitely going at Jeff’s pace because I wanted to push myself.
Water Break – Just one more set of the second round to go so make sure you get that water in your system so that you’re ready to kick some ass.

Third Set

Hook Jumps – I like how Shaun T keeps up his intensity because it encourages me to continue working hard even though I’m exhausted. Keep punching as hard as possible and getting your feet up during the tuck jumps.
High Knees with Twist – If you are following the crew, you need to watch Ana (Anna) because they zoom in on her during this exercise. She continues to work hard and is probably using the best form out of anyone besides Akeel, but he is going pretty slow. At the end of the day, it still is favorable to use good form and go slow than go fast and not have your knees up.
High Low Jab with Squat – Your legs should be roasted, toasted, and broasted at this point, but follow Jimmy and Frankie because they are pushing pretty hard.
Floor Switch Kicks – Out of everyone for this final move, try to stay with Anna. The other crew looks like they are completely wasted and they have every right to be, but I wanted to push my limits, so I stayed with Anna.
1-2-3 Jab Across – This is a move that you probably were not expecting because it is the bonus move that got tacked onto the third set. To do this move, you jump up with arms overhead, then turn to the side and throw a punch with the arm opposite of the side (or direction) to which you jump. You do this for a full minute and it seems like it will never end, but it will – just keep pushing yourself through.
Water Break – Another 30 second break before the final round starts cooking. You are two-thirds of the way through this workout, but the final set isn’t easy.

Round #3: Side Suicide Jumps, Squat Hooks, Full Body Drill, Plank Punches

First Set

Side Suicide Jumps – These really work your shoulders and obliques to the max. To do these, you put your hands down to the floor to one side of your body, and then you hop with your feet so that they are going out to the side. Think of these as being regular suicide jumps, but instead of jumping straight back, you are alternating between the left and right side.
Squat Hooks – For these, you do squats and add hooks from your arms. Think of these as squat jacks, but you are doing hooks. You want to keep your chest up, but get your butt down as low as possible with each squat, all while moving at a relatively quick pace.
Full Body Drill – To do the full body drill, you drop down into plank position, run in place for 8 strides, then you do 4 moving push ups to the right, then 8 wide runs so that your knees come outside of your elbows. Then you go up with hands overhead, and drop down doing the same thing except your 4 push ups are done to the left. This is pretty beastly, but you should be able to survive it during the first set.
Plank Punches – I personally think that the plank punches are probably the second toughest exercise in this whole routine behind frog jumps. The reason that these are wicked is because your shoulders will be on fire. If you are working hard, you will want to through punches with power and fight so that you don’t need to take a break here. Keep your core tight and use whatever mental strength you have to make it through this round.
Water Break – Shaun T says to replenish yourself and check your heart rate. Keep getting that water in your system so that you can handle the next round.

Second Set

Side Suicide Jumps – During this second round, your shoulders will feel more of a burn as you drop down to the ground. Be careful not to smash your hands into the floor or you may feel it in your wrists. You still need to go fast, but think about putting a thin towel under your hands so that they don’t slip around from sweat; this is especially helpful if you are on a hardwood floor.
Squat Hooks – You get back into the squat hooks which are one of the easier exercises, but they keep you working hard if you get down low in the squat with proper form.
Full Body Drill – The full body drill still wasn’t as bad as I anticipated that it would be, but it was still a fight when doing those moving push ups because my arms were feeling the burn.
Plank Punches – During this second set of plank punches, I almost dropped down near the end of the time, but I fought hard and didn’t collapse. These were a lot tougher than the first round, and if you collapse here, it’s probably because you are working hard and your shoulders are tired.
Water Break – Get some water and get mentally prepared to kick some ass during the final round.

Third Set

Side Suicide Jumps – During the third and final set, you have got to be ready to really dig and see what you’re made of. The suicide jumps will be wicked, but nobody said they were gonna be easy. Get in it and make sure you do NOT take any breaks here.
Squat Hooks – Keep the momentum going with the squat hooks – these are very tough in the final round, but they are one of the easier moves that you’ll do in the workout. Once again, continue to push yourself and do NOT take a break.
Full Body Drill – The last full body drill is a bitch, but you need to focus and fight through this. The moving push ups are the toughest aspect of the move, but I know you can fight through it if you are in good shape.
Plank Punches – This is the only move I took a break on during the entire routine and it was because my shoulders could no longer support my body. I actually took two mini breaks here because my arms just gave out. I was still punching hard and working hard, and using every ounce of strength, but the final round of these is straight up nasty.

Cool Down Stretch

The most badass thing that happens is that the B-Boy Jeff does some break dancing spins on the gym floor right when this routine ends…haha. I honestly think that out of everyone there, he gave the best effort out of the guys, but Akeel probably had the best form. Before you do the cool down stretches, you should definitely make sure that you get some water and if you have it, recovery formula to drink. Here is the perfect time to drink some recovery formula because your body will have been pushed to its physical limit.
  • Inhale / Exhale – You inhale up, exhale down, and get some oxygen to the muscles.
  • Plie Squat – You dip down into a plie squat and push open the knees to give your legs a little stretch.
  • Hamstring Stretch – You keep straight legs and go into a hamstring stretch on each side of your body. It is definitely good to stretch out your hammies after such an intense workout. After you do the roll up, you also do another variation of the single leg hamstring stretch.
  • Contract / Relax – Just like you did in the warm up, you round the back when exhaling and contract when inhaling.
  • Roll Up – You roll up (which feels really good) nice and slow and then do a few more inhales and exhales." (Kép és szöveg: itt.)



Ma fél 6-kor keltem, hogy meglegyen az edzés. Nem nagy ügy, bár aludhatnék fél 8-ig is, hogy 8-kor kezdhessem a munkát.
Épp tegnap olvastam arról, hogy ha valaki képes minden nap edzeni, akkor nem csinálja jól.
Másoktól pedig olyan edzésterveket olvasok, hogy heti 6 nap nyomni kell.
Valaki azt írja: a legfontosabb étkezés a reggeli.
Mások szerint az időszakos böjtölés a jó megoldás.
Még sosem hallottam az egyetlen, az üdvözítő edzés- és étkezésmegoldásról. Csak azt tudom: eddig mindig akkor alakultam a legtöbbet, amikor a saját testem jelzéseire hallgattam: pihenőnap van, ha szükségét érzem, és akkor eszek (igyekszem), amikor éhes vagyok.
Nem készülök fitness modellnek, nem szakmám az edzés, de ha arra hallgattam volna, akik az egyetlen jó megoldást ismeri, még mindig 79 kiló zsírral többet nyomnék, avagy a szinte semmi CH-beviteltől már kényszerzubbonyos depressziós volnék. És tuti, hogy már rég feladtam volna.
Sok módszerben találok megszívlelendő és jó dolgokat.
De -egyelőre- nincs guru, akit követnék.
Amit viszont tudok: megyek, és megcsinálom a mai adagot. A tőlem telhető legjobb teljesítménnyel.