2013. április 22., hétfő

90/15. Edzés 2

Asylum / 2. Strength


Nem tehetek róla, egyszerűen imádom ezt az edzést! Szuper, nagyszerű, jól terhel, változatos, követhető... Odavagyok érte! Nagyon-nagyon-nagyon jólesett most is! (Jaj, de régen csináltam már utoljára!) :-)

"Insanity vs Insanity Asylum

I have already tackled all 60 days of Insanity and got amazing results (check out my Insanity transformation). So when the Asylum came out I knew I wanted to at least check it out and see if it was more of the same or something totally new. Just like Insanity, Shaunt T. leads a group of people in a series of workouts, each workout including warming up, stretching, the workout and then a cool down. The setting is in a football stadium and all the workouts are very athletically inspired, which means when you get done you should be able to jump higher/farther, sprint faster and do one finger pushups..ha, jk..i made up the last one. For example in Game Day, you will do workouts that simulate swimming, playing tennis, playing football, long distance running, sprinting and more.
In the original Insanity the setting was a basketball gym and it was ALL cardio where as the Asylum is a good combo of both resistance and cardio. The workouts are about the same time, anywhere from 25 – 60 minutes each. With Asylum you will need a pull-up bar, or do the alternate dumb bell moves. You will also need resistance bands or dumb bells, whichever you prefer. You will also need a jump rope, agility ladder and lots of WATER!!!" (Forrás: itt.)

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