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LCHF sztori: Kat

Katrina Harris spent her life yo-yo dieting. After some initial success with Atkins, she fell off the wagon and gained all her weight back and more. When her doctor told her that she might want to give up caffeine, her life took a huge turn for the better.
Katrina has lost 145 pounds and is working to lose a bunch more. How? She’s focused, determined, and disciplined. She sticks to the keto plan and doesn’t deviate. Even one of her acquaintances at work commented that she has more will power than anyone else.
But Kat has a different take. It’s not will power, it’s just determination. She shares her story and how she thinks. And how she thinks is the right way to think. She isn’t going to let crappy food get in the way of her goals.
She’s also a bit of gym shark, earning a reputation from her personal trainer as the favorite.
I think you’re going to enjoy hearing about her story.
You can connect with Katrina on Instagram. Her username is keto.katrina. You can also connect with her in my new Facebook group called Ketogenic Success.

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