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Insanity/Cardio abs



  • Jog
  • High Knees
  • High Knees with Twist
  • Jump Rope – Keep knees soft
  • Tuck Jumps – Use core to lift knees
Water Break – 30 Seconds – Don’t stop moving
  • Wide Tuck Jumps – These are the same exercise you just did in your warm-up, but your leg stance is wide. Hence…

Get into the C-Sit position

  • Twists – Here all you are doing is having your arms in front of you and twisting side to side in your C-sit position

Twist with Knee

  • The same thing you just did but you are adding a knee to your forearm

A-Frame Ab Twists

  • These are more or less the same thing as the twist, but your arms are extended into an A-Frame shape.
A-Frame with Knee – Hi! :)
  • Hold Center – Just hold yourself in the C-sit position
Water Break – 30 Seconds – Return to the C-Sit position

Single Leg Rises

  • While you are in the C-Sit position, extend one leg on the floor. Now raise that leg so it is still extended and about 2 inches off the floor. The sequence for this exercise is in, out, up, down. Now do that with your leg keeping it off the ground. Only go as far as you can comfortably go, while still maintaining good form. Remember this is an abs exercise so use your core to move your legs.

Single Leg Rises

  • Continue this exercise with your other leg. – always rest when you need it.
Water Break – 30 Seconds

Both Leg Rises

  • Now you are going to do the same thing you just did with both legs at the same time.

High Plank Position

  • You are now assuming the high plank position.

High Plank Alternate Knees

  • While in the high plank position (i.e. a full push-up position), use your core to bring your knee to your shoulder – alternating sides. Remember my little spill about proper form.

High Plank Fast Knees

  • Same exercise you just did, now pick up the pace. Form, Form, Form.
High Plank Position
  • Assume the low plank position (i.e. in a push-up position but on your elbows)

Low Plank Alternate Knees

  • Watch your form and keep your butt down.
Child’s Pose
  • Use this time to stretch and take a quick breather.

Pulse Tucks – Low & High

  • In this exercise you are in both a low and high plank position. Here you are only moving your abs and butt while keeping the rest of your body as straight as possible. The focus here is to utilize your abs to make the most of the exercise. You are pulsing 5 times then switching plank positions.
Stretch – Really use this time to stretch – Very important." (Forrás: itt.)

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