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Insanity: Cardio Recovery

Shaun T’s Insanity Workout promises to be one of the most intense workout programs you will ever encounter! And because of its intensity, Shaun has made sure to include a “cool down” program called Cardio Recovery to help your muscles recover from the rigor encountered throughout the rest of the program.

Insanity Cardio Recovery Walk-through

Cardio Recovery is part of the Insanity program and is performed once a week. It gives you the opportunity to recover from the intense cardio workout the other parts of Insanity program exposes you to. Cardio Recovery has no cardio whatsoever. None of the jumping, lunging or running you do throughout the rest of the program will be included in this program.
Instead, stretching, yoga and deep muscle work will comprise the thirty-three minute workout known as Cardio Recovery. Shaun T will help you to revive and rejuvenate your muscles so you’re ready to take on the rigor of the other parts of the program.
What you will notice about Cardio Recovery is that breathing is a big focus throughout the entire routine. It starts out with a three-minute warm up, which is where you will hear Shaun T making the most reference to the importance of breathing. The warm up will include hamstring stretches, arm extensions and deep lunges, but you’ll move from one position to the other quickly for a good burn in the short 3 minutes.
Deep muscle work, further stretching and yoga are the key focal points of the rest of the Cardio Recovery workout. Shaun T will emphasize the importance of slow and controlled movement for maximum effect.
At the end of the Cardio Recovery program, you will have very relaxed, recovered muscles that are ready to take on the challenge of the rest of the Insanity program for the upcoming week. This key part of Insanity is vital to ensuring you don’t allow your muscles to become too worn down to continue with the program until the end. forrás

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