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" ... Demi Moore G.I. Jane Workout and Exercise Routine

Moore transformed her physique and strengthened her muscles by performing a variety of activities like obstacle course drills, distance runs, and swimming. Her resistance training came from body weight movements that included hundreds of push-ups, sit-ups and squats. Her ex-seal personal trainer, Scott Helvenston, designed her workout so that the actress’ body could endure the rigorous activity from filming. With shaved head and all, Moore was the talk of the town when she hit the big screen in the military movie hit. Her on screen physique is a lasting tribute to her ex-Navy seal trainer who was killed in Iraq while working as a security consultant.

GI Jane Diet Plan

To prepare for the intense female soldier role, Moore turned to a restricted calorie diet that included plenty of protein and green vegetable sources. Fat burning foods like lean chicken breast, salmon, spinach, and broccoli filled out the actress’ menu. Demi consumed frequent meals throughout the day to help her sustain a fast metabolism. The one diet rule that boosted her lean muscle mass and strength was eating protein at every meal to provide her muscles with nutrients for development. Protein also raises your metabolic rate, and overall fat burning potential because your body burns more calories trying to digest the nutrient. The highly successful actress also stuck to drinking only water throughout her training. It has been reported that over the years, the actress has tried just about every diet plan that exists over the course of her career.
Demi Moore displayed incredible female strength in her on screen military role, proving to everyone that you don’t exactly need to follow a traditional training program. Her military based workouts suited just fine to shape her body and cut body fat. The body weight exercise routine that Demi performed allows people to workout virtually anywhere they desire. One thing to note is that training to complete muscular failure when using body weight exercises allows you to increase your muscular strength results in faster time. No matter how many other films the celebrity fitness actress goes on to star in, Moore will always be remembered for her shaved head, lean body and impressive muscular strength."

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