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Insanity edzésterv és étkezési terv


Insanity Nutrition Guide Made Easy 

Insanity Nutrition Plan

Insanity Nutrition

From the people that brought you The P90X Nutrition Plan Made Easy, we proudly present our breakdown of the Insanity Nutrition Guide.  We are following the meal plan approach and trying to stick with the plan as best we can.  The nutrition plan is fairly straight forward.  The Insanity diet plan includes five power meals per day with relatively equal caloric value.  You’ll need to determine your own caloric needs using the mathematical formula in the Elite Nutrition Guide.

Step 1 – Get the Insanity Calorie Calculator Spreadsheet and Calculate your Calories

The Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide presents an incredibly powerful way to light your metabolic fire and keep it going all day long. The basic premise of the Elite Nutrition Guide is to eat 5 meals per day and have each of those meals be of nearly equivalant value.  The first step in the nutrition guide is to calculate your calories.  The calculations in the Elite Nutrition Guide are somewhat complicated.  To simplify things we have created a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet walks you through the threes step process to determine your required caloric intake.  Note that: (1) there are separate calculations for men and women; and (2) the process requires you to be honest about your activity levels and goals.


Once you have the spreadsheet, you’ll want to watch the following videos that explain how to use them and give some ideas on how to lay out your daily food intake with the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide.

Step 2 – Set up Your Insanity Diet Meal Plan

The diet for the Insanity workout accounts for 75% of results, so meal planning is essential for success. Here’s Monica talking about the basics. Make it easy and have the ingredients for your go to meals on hand! Plan out the meals you enjoy and head to the store so you’ve got what you need in the fridge.

In this video, Monica and I break down the plan, and show you how we intend to prepare ourselves for success, by preparing our meals in advance.

Step 3 – Get a Coach

Having a good Coach that has completed the program is important to your success. It gives you someone to bounce ideas off of and a source of motivation. We offer free Coaching for Insanity and you can find the details on that program HERE, or simply Contact Us and we’ll discuss the information with you. We use a performance based assessment system that goes beyond what the number on the scale says and digs into your goals. Dave is a cyclist and triathlete and uses the programs to cross-train. Monica is a busy business owner and mom that loves being in the best shape of her life. We both know a lot about nutrition and can help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of conflicting nutrition information. Our job is to help you overcome challenges and make sure you get the most out of your program. forrás


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