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Insanity: Cardio power and resistance


  • Jog.
  • Power Jacks. Like jumping jacks, but you hold each rep in a deep squat.
  • Log Jumps. Jump side to side as if jumping a obstacle in the center.
  • 123 Heisman. Moving 3 steps to the side then pull your knee in tight, then go back the opposite way.
  • Butt Kicks. Run in place, knees down, feet back.
  • High Knees. Run in place, knees high in the front.
  • Vertical Jump. Lower into a narrow squat, jump straight up and reach high, repeat.

  • Edzés:
  • Power Jumps. With wide knees, you lower into a squat, then jump straight up. Bring your knees in high in the center, and touch your hands.
  • Belt Kicks. I have always thought of these as Squat Kicks. Squat, then kick, alternate.
  • Hit the Floor. Side to side lunges and touching the floor on each side.
  • V Push Ups. So your heart rate is through the roof, and now you have a strength move, like push ups. You’re in a push up position, but you bring your feet in closer to your arms, forming a “V” with your butt in the air. Lower your head towards the floor and push up. You’re working your shoulders here, instead of your chest, as in a normal push up.
  • The Tricep Dips lasts 30 seconds, then you get another 30 second water break.

  • Round 1, 2, and 3 are all 2 minute in length, and consist of the following:
    • Hurdle Jumps. Sprint in place, and then jump to side. Sprint, jump, keep going….
    • Globe Jumps. You have a wide stance, and you jump left, front, right, and center, and keep going until time is up.
    • Moving Push Ups. You do a push up, slide to the left, push up, move to the left. Then you go back to the right in the same fashion.
    • Floor Sprints.
    Ez egy nagyon jó kis edzés, nem nehezek a gyakorlatok, szusszal is lehet bírni rendesen. Jól átmozgatott, a tricepszbe belehaltam, de lassan csak fejlődök... :) Jó, hogy megcsináltam, így lelkiismeret-furdalás nélkül indulhat a nap. :)

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