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Rheanna has lost an amazing 35.1lbs eating LCHF! These pictures show her progress from March 2015 to August 2015. The difference in her before and during photos is amazing! Just look at the glow in her face. At 5’6, She has gone from a size 16-18 down to a 12-14, lost 10 inches off her belly alone, and 38 inches total. She still has about 32 pounds to go to reach her goal, and we have not doubt that she will reach and maintain her goal weight.

Read her life changing story below:

I was a chubby child who went on my first diet at 8 years old, and have struggled with my weight my entire life since.

You name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve eaten too little, I’ve taken prescription diet pills, I’ve exercised excessively, I’ve starved myself, I’ve tried every fad/crash diet known to mankind. I’ve lost (and regained) hundreds of pounds in my 31 years. Like many overweight people, I was led to believe it was all about a lack of willpower, and that I was doomed to either be hungry – or heavy – forever.

After being diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance in 2013 at 29 years old, I realized something had to change. I was dieting and eating a low fat (high carb) diet and counting calories. I weighed 220 pounds but was losing basically no weight eating 1200-1300 calories a day. I was always hungry and felt deprived. My doctor recommended I try low carb, and I did. I felt amazing and the weight started to come off even though I wasn’t hungry and was consuming 400-500 more calories a day. But I fell off the bandwagon several times. I viewed it as a diet more than a way of life, and honestly I felt sorry for myself that I couldn’t just “eat what I wanted” like others could. I also had a lot of stress in my life, and I used it as an excuse, to be honest.

The last few years were rough for me. In 2009-2010, I was a single mom with a fussy baby, I worked 50 hours a week with no sleep for nearly a year, then I went back to finish my bachelor’s degree in 2010, and was a single mom with a part time job and a full time course load. I remarried in late 2011, but money was tight and I was still juggling a lot of roles. Taking care of myself just never seemed possible. I finished school in December 2013, earning my bachelor’s degree. In 2014 I started a new high-stress job that ended up being a terrible fit for me. For years, my self-care was always on the back burner. I know this is long, but I think a lot of women can relate to this, so I feel it’s worth sharing. I was to blame; my wonderful husband was willing to do whatever I needed to help me make time to care for myself, but I expended all my energy caring for everyone except myself. STOP DOING THAT, ladies. You are important, too!

So by spring 2015, I had changed jobs, we bought a house, we were settled with good careers, my daughter was 5 and thriving in preschool, and it finally seemed like the right time to take care of ME, to make myself a priority. I was obese, 230 pounds, with low energy, absolutely miserable in my own skin, had daily headaches, chronic stomach issues, near constant hypoglycemic symptoms, and constant hunger and cravings. I knew what I needed to do physically, but first had to change my mindset. I actually did some reading about food addiction and realized I had a true problem, an addiction even, with sugar. On 3/9/15, I committed to low carb and haven’t looked back. It just felt like this time I *had* to do it – for myself.

By mid July, I had lost around 22 pounds, but it was coming off very slowly. I felt really good, but was frustrated with the slow loss. I sought help in the comments section of LCHF Nation. The absolutely wonderful Elena took the time to message me and give me some ideas of where to start. I have since increased my fat intake from 50% to 70%-75%, lowered my carbs to around 20-25g net, and kept my protein at approximately 20% of my daily calories, which total 1600-1700, since my RMR is around 1650. In essence, I ate more calories, more fat, less protein, and less carbs! The last 10 pounds came off way quicker since making these changes and I’m forever grateful to Elena for taking time out to help me.

I signed up for the 8 day weight loss course and looked forward to those emails daily. I’ve recently added in intermittent fasting and only eat between noon and 8 pm each day. I eat at least 70% of my calories from fat. I try to walk more, and do some basic strength training 3x a week and cardio (recumbent bike) 3-4x a week too. I also drink 100+ oz of water a day. I now have loads of energy, no more stomach problems, headaches are very rare, no hunger, no hypoglycemia symptoms at all. Food no longer controls me and I have no desire to binge no matter how stressful my day is. I can watch others eat donuts and truly have no desire to eat them. It’s very liberating.

These pictures show my progress from March 2015 to August 2015. At 5’6, I’ve lost 35.1 pounds, gone from an 16-18 down to a 12-14, lost 10 inches off my belly alone, and 38 inches total. This is a way of life for me now, and I have no desire to go back to my old ways! I still have about 32 pounds to go to reach my goal, but just had to share how life-changing this has been for me so far! forrás

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