2015. szeptember 7., hétfő

LCHF story

"I had the gastric sleeve surgery on March 18, 2013. My surgeon's instructions after was 70 grams of protein a day. Eat meat first, then veggies, and little to no bread, rice, pasta, etc. Due to my smaller stomach, I had to insure I got my nutrients, and he said the starchy stuff would fill me up too fast with no nutritional benefit. That's how I got into the low carb lifestyle. It's a way of life now. The surgery helped me, no doubt, but there's also no doubt the low carb lifestyle is what is keeping it off. Went to the doctor last week and all blood work was perfect. So all the low carb literature on chlosteral, etc is true. Here's a before and after. You can share if you want." forrás

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