2015. július 26., vasárnap


Before pic: 2012 summer. 164 cm and 64kg
After: 2015 summer, 164-165 cm and 54,6kg :)
First time it was really hard to loss weight, because i did so many bad mistakes. I tried to be an “ANA” girl, but i was always so hungry and unhappy. I wanted to be skinny ‘cause i thought if im skinny then im happier, nicer and more relaxed. It was a stupid thing from me. Then i ate more and more and i was puffy. I was not able to watch my body in the mirror or measure my weight. BUT one morning i woke up and did this things. I cried. My weight was 67kg. I changed my lifestyle. But first i throwed away the bad things from my head.
Now i eat healthier and drink lots of water. Unfortunately im a lazy girl so i do not exercise every day. So i do some sports only (max) 4 times a week. I’m running or just jogging. It does not matter:) Just get a move on!👌 fitter is happier:) kép és szöveg

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