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Insanity: Cardio Power & Resistance

The warm up is in 3 rounds as we have done before, each round you increase your intensity:
  • Jog
  • Power Squats
  • Log Jumps
  • 123 Heisman
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Vertical Jumps
Water Break – 25 seconds! That’s not a typo! Enough time to catch your breath and grab a drink of water.
After the warm up and stretch, you get into the main part of the workout which is about 21 minutes and 30 seconds. A jam-packed 21 minutes and 30 seconds. You start by doing 3 rounds which are identical. But as with the warm up, each round is more intense. Each round is about 2-3 minutes in length. The lineup:
•Power Jumps
•Belt Kick
•Hit the Floor
•V Push Ups
Break Time, 30 seconds worth. And you’ve earned it, you get a water break. 30 quick seconds to get some water,and you’re back out on the floor for round 2 and 3.
After the 3rd round and your water break, we go into what I refer to as a “Bonus Round”, which is called “Tricep Dips”. This move works your triceps and core at the same time.

The Tricep Dips lasts 30 seconds, then you get another 30 second water break. 
Round 1, 2, and 3 are all 2 minute in length, and consist of the following:
•Hurdle Jumps
•Globe Jumps
•Moving Push Ups
•Floor Sprints.
After each round you get a 30 second water break.

Tip: After your last move doing the floor sprints save some energy because there is another “Bonus Round”. While you get your last water break you here Shaun T say, “1 more round!” Finished the last round. But Shaun T wasn’t finished yet…..
We got a 15 second water break, and then he had one more move, not round, not 3 more sets, just ONE MORE move.
The last move was 8 hop squats, 8 wide push ups, and repeat for about a minute.
Now… we’re done. 3 minutes and 30 seconds on the cool down and stretch. forrás
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