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Edzéstipp otthonra: Jump Rope Circuit Workout (ugrókötél)

There is second of all as well. Jump roping is a high intensity full body exercise in it's nature. You can never compare regular high knees to high knees with jump rope. Even tho it's exactly the same movement, the fact that jump roping requires so much agility, it's only natural that your body has to utilize way more muscle groups in order complete the task. And guess what? The more muscles you engage during an exercise, the more calories and fat you're burning. Jump roping is just overall one the most effective cardio workouts you can do and another great thing about it is that it doesn't require a lot of time. You can literally have your cardio done in 10 minutes and be totally soaked in sweat and feel like you just ran a marathon. By the way, if you do want to run a marathon in a near future, you should consider high intensity interval training and jump rope to work on your endurance. 


Here is the Jump Rope Workout Circuit breakdown:
1. High knees with Jump Rope - 1 minute
2. Sit up/butt lift x 3 into 3 push up and 1 jump up - repeat 10x
3. One leg jump with a jump rope for 30 seconds on each leg
4. Lean forward lunge into half pistol squat - 12 reps on each leg
5. Scissors with Jump Rope - 1 minute 
6. Burpee with 4 plank leg lifts - 5 sets

Complete this circuit at least 3 times and make sure that you are pushing yourself hard enough to get the intensity up to a high level. The more you challenge yourself the more benefits you can expect so don't be afraid to pick up the pace and train like a boss! (forrás)

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