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LCHF story: Lindha

You can hardly believe it’s the same person.
Here’s Lindha Vikström, a Swedish mother of two, with her story about how she cut her weight in halfwith LCHF:

The Email

I saw that you were looking for people who would want to share their story about a lifestyle change.
I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, down a lot in weight only to gain it all back later, and then some, every time.
I started eating LCHF in March/April 2012, and have lost 154 lbs (70 kg) and my husband 88 lbs (40 kg). It took 18 months, and we have kept our weights since then without any problems, and we feel great and we get to feel satisfied.
I attended the event Wellness Stockholm 2014 in May. I was invited by the LCHF club after having told them about my weight journey. I also met My Westerdahl, and had a nice chat with her. I never got the chance to come up to you, so I’ll say it now; it was a fantastic and inspiring lecture.
I have my life back, have so much more energy, and am able to be more active with my kids now in a completely different way.
Who am I, then? A married 42-year-old mother of two, who used to weigh 309 lbs (140 kg), but who today is at 154 lbs (70 kg).
I’ve started a blog halvalindha.se/ [in Swedish, Google translation here], where you are welcome to read about my journey.
It would be fantastic if you wanted to share my weight-loss journey with LCHF, and please feel free to link to my blog. I’m attaching a before and after picture that you can use (photo Kristian Pohl).
I have to let you know something interesting – I tried on my wedding rings that I haven’t been able to wear in 15 years, and now they fit :).
Lindha Vikström

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