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We get a lot of criticism for all the stories of healing we keep sharing.
But, the simple fact is, the body has an incredible ability to heal when we give it the right fuel.
Larry says:
"My wife and I healed ourselves with LCHF. Why did we decide to do it?
"Pretty simple. I thought everyone is sick, sadly more or less true.
"What are they eating? Pretty much the dietary advice: grains, PUFA oils, low fat dairy, chicken not red meat, margarine not butter, etc.
"So said I will eat foods that people ate when they were healthy. That simple. Here's what happened."
Incredible. Not only have they lost weight, but they are healthy. Larry could barely walk in his 20s. Not only was he 155 kg (340 pounds), but he had severe sleep apnoea, severe allergies, back pain, and debilitating intestinal cramping.
Now, at 50, he is not only walking freely but doing sporting events like mud races. He can do a dozen pull-ups. He no longer has sleep apnoea or allergies. He is no longer getting sick. The back pain is gone, and he is happy. And, he lost over 80 kg (176 pounds). He is now 75 kg (165 pounds).
Once Larry started making changes, he started encouraging his wife to make changes too. He said, at first, he pushed her too hard. But, once she was ready and motivated on her own, Kay also embraced LCHF (low carb, high fat). She lost over 23 kilos (50 pounds), and has gone down over ten dress sizes.
And, their daughter is also thriving on LCHF. forrás

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