2014. szeptember 8., hétfő

How to keto adapt /Stephanie Person Skater

1.   sleep by 10

2.   resistance train

3.   HITT training 30 sec burst followed by 2 min recover

4.   strengthen your core muscles

5.   stretch like crazy

6.   No steady state cardio on a treadmill

7.   Workout before 4pm

8.   fast at least 3-5  hours before bed time

9.   eat a protein/fat rich breakfast to simulate your metabolic rate

10.   female protein averages: low fitness level 60 gram protein

11.  female protein: high fitness levels 60-78g

12.  Male protein: low fitness level 70 - 85g depending on size

13.  Male protein high fitness level: 85g- 115g

14. 150 fat or higher

15. 15-20g carbs from cruciferous veggies

16.   No list: no onions, beets, nuts, cocoa, cheese, yogurt, almond butter, caffeine/coffee, sugar alcohols, splenda/aspartame

17. diversify your proteins

18.  probiotics - fermented sauerkraut

19. liver detox

20. eat at the same time daily

21. blue and orange light exposure

22. get up when the sun rises

23. stay calm and redesign your mind


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