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LCHF story: Derek

After 34 years of eating a Standard Aussie Diet, I reached my heaviest (recorded) weight of 143kgs. I had become a tired, cranky man. How Telaine put up with me I don't know.

I decided for my own health, to be the man I needed to be and to be here long term for my family that something needed to change, and NOW!
In September 2013 I began researching various diets, exercise programs and weight loss methods. I had tried so many in the past but my will power could only sustain me for so long. Inevitably I would end up throwing it all in and gaining back any weight lost along with interest. I was determined to find the best path to optimum health and weight loss. I decided I would not YoYo again. If I was to start a 'diet' it needed to be sustainable for life.
After much reading I decided a Low Carb High Fat diet made the most sense to my scientific brain. I went in 'whole hog' on Dec 30th, 2013 and expected great things, the results however even took me by surprise.
Within the first two weeks i had noticed major changes in my well being.
  • I felt more focused and alert.
  • I was able to sleep at night and wake rested and refreshed.
  • Eczema had healed up.
  • Heart burn and indigestion was gone.
  • Dizzy spells stopped.
  • My weight had begun to drastically reduce.
  • Inflammation in my body had gone down.
  • I was no longer angry.
  • Generally I was feeling amazing!
I was so excited that this lifestyle really did everything I had read about and decided I wanted to help as many people as possible discover this way of eating. A health revolution to see every individual live to their health potential and really enjoy LIFE.
In March 2014 my beautiful girl decided (of her own accord) to join me on this adventure. I am so happy she did and am beyond proud of her transformation. Her support has made a world of difference to me and our family.
After 10 months eating and living an LCHF lifestyle I saw my weight drop below 100kgs for the first time in my adult life. I went from wearing 5XL - 7XL shirts down to being able to shop at regular stores and fit comfortably into a size Large.
Between Telaine and I we have now lost over 114kgs (250lbs)  since our heaviest. And the weight has stayed off! Living LCHF keeps us healthy and full of energy.
I have never felt so energetic, healthy and alive in my life and I'm positive  you too can experience success living an LCHF lifestyle. forrás

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