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LCHF (Low Carb High Fat)

Can low-fat, wholegrain-based diets cause high cholesterol? Absolutely. 

Chris and Lynn were low-fat, ate no meat, and plenty of whole grains for about 40 years...yet they both always had high cholesterol.

They didn't eat any junk food, they ate vegetables, nuts, bread, pasta, rice, lentils, beans, and also some eggs, cheese and seafood.

They also both exercised regularly.

They had blood tests done twice a year, and they were always disappointing. They both had high cholesterol and high triglycerides. They felt badgered by their doctor to go on cholesterol-lowering drugs. They started the drugs, but a week later read "The Great Cholesterol Con," by Dr Malcolm Kendrick, and then ditched the drugs. They also ditched their doctor and found a new one.

That was around three years ago. Chris says, "We discovered LCHF, bought all the books, chucked out all the carbs and seed oils. Stocked up on coconut oil, butter, cream, avos, salmon, low carb vegs, nuts.

"Our blood work six months later was perfect, our doc was flabbergasted.

"We are now slim, ultra healthy, mentally sharp and sleep like babies. We swim more than two Kms daily and our times keep dropping.

And here is the best part....

"Happy ending: our doc is now a convert and he looks fifteen years younger."

(Christine Cronau)

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