2015. március 28., szombat

Edzéstipp otthonra: 9 bárhol végezhető gyakorlatsor

6 quick things you should know before you get started:

1. These workouts are legit: They all follow the scientifically established protocolsfor the most effective bodyweight HICT. And they can also all be done in 20 minutes or less.
2. Each of these workouts will challenge your whole body, although some are designed to focus in particular on either the lower or upper body or the core.
3. You should do each move perfectly every time. These short workouts are meant to be intense, but that doesn’t mean going as hard as you possibly can each time you work out. “The idea is to be working hard but to always be able to do another rep or two,” Matheny says.
4. Be sure to warm up first. Matheny recommends performing a few reps of the movements in the workout, making sure to slowly perform the full range of motion to prepare your body. You should also do some high knees or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up.
5. And don’t forget to cool down. Matheny says “some small amount of stretching throughout the day” is preferable to a formal post-workout routine.
6. If you have health issues, like high blood pressure or injuries, you should talk to a doctor first about what moves you should avoid or modify.

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