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Motiváció: Freeletics Transformation

After 15 weeks of grueling Freeletics Cardio program consisting of thousands of jumping jacks, situps, burpees and climbers, this is the outcome of my transformation:

Between 15 March 2014 to 3 August 2014, I lost a total of 17 kg via the Freeletics Cardio program as well as eating a diet consisting of low carbs, minimal sugar, high in protein coupled with loads of vege and fruits. 

The diet helped in losing weight while the Freeletics routine quicken the weight loss as well as giving me a healthier looking body. 

This is my transformation!

To change one's lifestyle, one has to be determined to make the sacrifices. Do not expect to lose weight or to remain healthy if you have no control over what you dump into your body. 

Do not expect to get a lean and nice figure from walking or doing light exercise. Yes, I agree that these exercise will contribute to your overall good health, but will never give you the nice and fit body that you see on magazines. In addition, these exercise will never improve your stamina or the strength. 

If you're looking to build a strong and healthy body, I highly recommend you to follow the Freeletics Cardio program that I've just completed. This is no stroll in the park program and most probably 70% - 80% of you would have given up by the 2nd week. 

Now I'm throwing a challenge at you! I'm challenging you to complete this 15 week program.

Trust me when I say that by the end of 15 weeks, you'll own a body that is so much fitter, stronger and leaner then before.

My transformation picture is a proof of my claims.


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