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Diéták, majd jojó. Ketoval megindul a fogyás, aztán megáll. A tejtermékek elhagyásával újra megindul. Mert hogy hasonlóak vagyunk, de nem egyformák.

Shae struggled with her weight her entire life. She said, "I would go on a diet and lose it, then boom, back on plus more." After she got married, she put on 30 kg. She said, "26 years old, married, fat and lethargic."

She also suffered with digestive issues, allergies, period pain and super heavy bleeding, dry, itchy skin, asthma, and was on quite a lot of medication to manage all of these things.

Shae said, "My mum put me onto your book and I read it cover to cover. I thought, 'Are you kidding, this diet sounds awesome.'

She initially lost 8 kg, then her weight loss stalled for six months. She realised that the reason her weight loss stalled was that she was practically living on dairy, morning, noon and night. An over-reliance on dairy can definitely cause a stall in weight loss, so it is one thing to look at if weight isn't shifting.

She gave up dairy (except for butter), and she lost another 14 kg. She then started incorporating some dairy back into her diet, with the odd bit of cheese and a dollop of pure cream.

Shae says, "My food addiction is gone, allergies gone, period pain (flooding) gone, dried, flaking, itchy skin gone, all medication (the pill, bowel release, antihistamine, asthma) GONE! I feel healthy, vibrant and energised each and every day now and my journey started right here with Christine! Thank you, you helped save me.

“Knowing that I now possess the right tools to eventually start my own family and to know that I can give my future children the best possible start to life, knowing they won't grow up thinking it's ‘normal’ to be sick, overweight, tired…I can't thank you enough. The future is looking very, very bright.” 


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