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Keeping your tastebuds entertained while following a keto diet does not have to be a struggle.  Some low-carb, high-fat dieters find that they have the most success with their diet when they eat consistent meals on a regular basis and do not deviate from their plan.  Others find that if their diet has too much repetition it will get boring and difficult to stick to.  Whether you choose to stick to a set of staple meals that you eat every week or you’d rather spice things up, there are plenty of amazing food choices on the ketogenic diet.

One-Week Sample Keto Diet Menu

We’ve created this ketogenic diet menu to give you an idea of what the low carb lifestyle is like on a week-to-week basis.  If you are starting out on a low carb diet, or simply looking for some new menu ideas for your ongoing ketogenic lifestyle, here is a basic ketogenic meal plan for one week.

Day 1Two fried eggs with two rashers of streaky bacon.Green salad with cubed ham and grated cheese.Pork chops with oriental spices and stir fried spring greens.
Day 2Scrambled eggs with chives.Two hot dog sausages with green salad.Sirloin steak with steamed or raw spinach.
Day 3Ham and cheese omelet.Two hamburger patties with cheese and bacon.Roast pork belly with cauliflower cheese.
Day 4Smoked salmon and cream cheese roll-ups.Green salad with egg mayonnaise.Roast chicken (with the skin left on) and broccoli.
Day 5Low-Carb Pancakeswith Sugar Free Maple SyrupMozzarella and salami slices.Spare ribs and green vegetable stir fry with chili pepper.
Day 6Two sausages with poached eggs.Ground beef fried with spices and served in an iceberg lettuce “taco shell”.Turkey leg with Brussels sprouts.
Day 7Poached eggs with spinach and melted cheese (Eggs Florentine).Deep fried chicken wings on a bed of lettuce.Tuna steak with steamed green vegetables.

Ketogenic Diet Snacks

For snacking on the ketogenic diet, consider the following:
  • A small portion of nuts – we love Madi K’s Spicy Salsa Almonds
  • Pork rinds – Lowrey’s are the BEST.  Original or Hot N’ Spicy, depending on your taste.
  • Cubed cheese.
  • Quest bars!!!  Pardon our enthusiasm, but we were searching for the ultimate low-carb snack bar and we finally found it.  3-4g of net carbs per bar, no sugar or sugar alcohols, and an amazing taste.  Our favorites are Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Supreme.
  • Celery sticks with cream cheese.
  • Low-carb Tortilla and Cheese roll-up.  You can probably find LC tortillas at your local grocery store, but do yourself a favor and order Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Tortillas.  We’ve tried tons of brands and these are so good that you can serve them to people that aren’t on a low-carb diet and they won’t notice any difference.
  • Beef Jerky – be careful because there can be a lot of hidden carbs in regular off-the-shelf Beef Jerky.  We’ve found that Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks from Amazon are super low carb and delicious.
  • Pepperoni slices.
  • Cold cuts.
  • Just The Cheese crunchy baked cheese snacks.  These are the only thing we’ve found that replace the occasional handful of Cheez-Its from the pantry.  Awesome, awesome snack.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Smoked salmon and cream cheese roll-ups.
  • Cocktail sausages.
  • Hard boiled eggs. (forrás)

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